After battling my kids’ skin issues for years, I finally found the best solution

When each of my three babies were born, I couldn’t get enough of the soft feel and perfect scent of their skin. Although everything about my little ones was perfect in my eyes, they each soon faced skin woes that had to be addressed. From eczema to cradle cap to irritation issues with sunscreens and lotions, I found myself eager for products that could help calm my kids’ skin issues.

For how common these skin conditions are, I had a hard time finding solutions—especially because I didn’t want to compromise with questionable ingredients or products that are harsh on the environment. 

To me, the ultimate trifecta was a skincare product that was safe, sustainable and suitable for sensitive skin. And, at long last, my wish was granted when Pipette launched their dermatologist-tested, pediatrician-approved line of products in 2019.  

After years of combatting skin issues, these new products helped me finally get the upper hand. That’s not to say issues don’t pop up occasionally. After all, we live in low-humidity Colorado, where you’re lucky to “just” have dry skin. Now, though, I can go on the offensive against dry skin and other skin issues with Pipette’s products for bath time, diaper changes, sunscreen and more. (The lotion has done wonders for my chafed skin, too!)

Although I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite Pipette product, my current most-used items are the Baby Balm, the Baby Shampoo + Wash and the Eczema Lotion. 


I attribute much of this breakthrough to squalane, an ultra-moisturizing, sustainably sourced ingredient uniquely sourced by Pipette. Instead of overcomplicating skincare, squalane mimics babies’ best natural moisturizer, vernix. Yes, that thick, creamy substance covering newborn babies has a powerfully nourishing effect on their skin thanks to a high density of squalene. The only problem is that little ones lose that protection after their first bath. 

That’s where squalane (with an “a”) comes into play. Molecularly identical to squalene, squalane is easily recognized—and appreciated—by babies’ skin. Pipette figured out how to tap into these nourishing powers by deriving squalane from sugarcane to create an extra-pure, environmentally friendly skincare ingredient powerhouse. 

That same level of consideration applies to every ingredient Pipette uses, including calming calendula extract, antioxidant-rich pomegranate sterols, hydrating plant-derived glycerin and more. Because I trust Pipette’s commitment to only including the best ingredients, it’s a real relief to feel like I’m truly equipped to tackle even the most stubborn of skin issues without having to pull up Google while reading labels. 

Just as important is what Pipette leaves out, like synthetic fragrances, irritating sulfates and other common ingredients that can disrupt skin as well as the earth. The commitment to sustainability is important to me as a mom because I never want to sacrifice my kids’ long-term future for a short-term solution.

After my past “trial and error” experience searching for effective skincare options, it was such a gift to my family when Pipette entered the scene. The good news is that I did the experimenting for you—so you can skip ahead just using Pipette.

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