12 chore charts for the little helper in your household

Between mothering and working (wait, aren’t those the same things?) we know you have your hands full, mama. The good news is, you’ve got an extra set of little helping hands right under the same roof. Children as young as 14 months can begin taking on certain chores, and it’s not just about keeping things neat and tidy. Kids feel a big sense of pride when they contribute to the household, resulting in a confidence boost and independent thinking.

Chore charts can be an effective visual reminder for kids to complete their own tasks and follow routines. From colorful, free printables to tailored to-do lists, there is no shortage of solutions out there. We’ve combed through them to bring you our current favorites for kids of all ages. And if you’re not sure what to stick on those to-dos, check out this list of by-age chores from a Montessori expert. 

Printable Chore Charts

Chore Charts You Can Buy

customizable chore chart

Strive Hi


We love the modern look of this simple magnetic board. The dry-erase surface allows you to write in and customize or use the included 30 chore magnets and 90 circle magnets. You can pick between three themes: tropical animals, leaves or universe.

daily magnetic chore chart

Mighty + Bright


These fully magnetic daily charts come with 30 illustrated button magnets along with 108 reusable stickers that allow you to customize your child’s day with tasks like chores, homework, hygiene, snack time, and more. It’s also dry erase if you need to leave a note or draw a few smiley faces here and there. Perfect for kids 3 to 8.

two kids chore chart

Calen Love


This reusable, dry-erase acrylic chore chart can be customized with names for two kids so that you can put that sibling rivalry to good use. You can add a pack of markers for just a few dollars more. Suitable for kids ages three and up.

peel and stick chore chart

Chasing Paper


We love this self-adhesive whiteboard for older kids (8 to tween) because it not only has plenty of space to write in the week’s chores, it also includes a designated area to write in gratitudes and things to look forward to.

checklist chore chart

Erin Condren


Bring some color and organization to your tween or teen’s life with a 25-page paper notepad that allows you or your kids to write in daily to-do’s, chores, goals, and more. Not only can you customize it with their name, but you can also select the colors. We also love Erin Condren’s family-size chore chart, where you can include notes and tasks for the entire fam.

magnetic chore chart



A magnetic, dry-erase chart with enough room to include routines and daily tasks for multiple family members. Keep track of schedules and chores using the included color markers. Suited for a variety of ages, but it may be hard for toddlers to get the concepts of a list, so it’s best for ages five and up.

chore chart with stickers

Wood Contour


A Montessori-inspired, visual daily routine and chore chart features 12 daily routine wooden magnets that stick onto one dry-erase magnet board. Because the tasks are simplified (Go potty, eat breakfast, get dressed), we think they are perfect for ages 3 to 6.

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