Teacher has the PERFECT response when students ask ‘Where do babies come from?’ in viral TikTok

There are a million reasons why elementary teachers are the best. One of them is demonstrated in this viral TikTok, where a teacher expertly answers her students when asked, “Where do babies come from?” (among several other excellent questions).

The TikTok video, posted by Mrs. Nancy Bullard, is the epitome of “kids say the darndest things.” But not only is it hilarious, it’s also absolutely adorable. Mrs. Bullard recorded a Q&A session between her and her students when she returned to work after maternity leave.

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She began by showing them a slideshow of pictures of her baby, Sam, and the kids were so excited to see their beloved teacher and her adorable baby. It’s one of the cutest videos ever, tbh.

And then things…take a turn.

When asked “Are you teaching him to walk?” Mrs. Bullard sweetly answers that because Sam is only three months old, he mostly just lays around and smiles.

“Does he sleep with you or does he sleep in bed with his dad?” Sam sleeps in his own crib all night long (and yes, baby Sam does deserve that round of applause).

“What kind of food does he eat?” Shoutout to the lone kid who guessed “applesauce.”

And now things get really funny.

“Is it difficult to have a baby?” Mrs. Bullard admits that it’s “pretty tough,” which is great.

Then one of the students rats out the substitute who was filling in for Mrs. Bullard, because apparently, the substitute assumed Mrs. Bullard wouldn’t return to work after having her baby. The kids are clearly thrilled to have proved the sub wrong here.

And then the million-dollar question: “Where do babies come from?”

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It’s a question we all dread, whether we’re a parent or a teacher or someone who takes care of children. Not because there’s shame in the game, but because trying to explain the nuances of conception and everything leading up to it can be…difficult…to get exactly right, especially in terms of giving an age-appropriate response.

Luckily, Mrs. Bullard NAILS IT: “They come from an organ called your uterus.”

Yes, yes they do. They sure do. Uh-huh, and that’s it. That’s all there is to it. You simply answer with basic science, providing just enough detail to satisfy their curiosity, and then you immediately move on to the NEXT QUESTION.

Let’s give Mrs. Bullard (and sleeping baby Sam) a round of applause for sharing this adorable, funny video and reminding us why little kids are just the best.

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