13 cute coloring pages for kids

It’s no secret that coloring is one the best sensory activities for children. Coloring promotes creativity and imagination, challenges kiddos to focus on one task at a time, improves fine motor skills, and can even double as an educational tool, too. Not to mention, it’s also a great activity for limiting screen time!

If you’re in the market for cute coloring pages that your child can doodle on year round, then you’ve come to the right place. From silly animations to nature illustrations, these cute (and free!) coloring sheets will keep kids busy all afternoon long. Simply follow the link to each coloring page, click download, and print off these digital illustrations for free. It’s that easy!

Round up your favorite crayons, and download 13 cute coloring sheets below.

After coloring this pretty flower, the both of you can go on a nature walk to find a real flower of your own! This sheet will channel your child’s creativity and get them curious about Mother Nature.

This butterfly coloring page will stimulate your child’s hand-eye coordination skills as they follow different patterns and geometric shapes while trying to color inside the lines.

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Courtesy of Super Coloring, this free illustration of a cute ladybug will inspire your little ladybug to explore the outdoors.

Coloring a happy cartoon sun and enjoying a popsicle sounds the perfect warm weather activity! 

Turn any frown upside down with this adorable rainbow illustration, which can be downloaded and printed for free at Super Coloring. Encourage your child to scribble in the rainbow using their favorite colors. 

OK, it doesn’t get much cuter than this precious galloping baby unicorn. When they’re done, ask if they’d like to hang up their masterpiece in their room or on the fridge for everyone to see. 

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In addition to engaging creative muscles, this donut coloring sheet doubles as a mini alphabet lesson. Ask your child to spell the word “donut,” or name other words that start with the letter “D.”

Get excited about fruit and healthy foods with this fun strawberry coloring page. You can download and print it for free at Super Coloring.

What better way to celebrate pizza night than with a pepperoni and extra cheesy pizza slice coloring sheet? 

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Despite its name, this coloring sheet is actually very cute with its wide-eyed smiling flower! Visit Super Coloring to download and print this page at no cost. 

If your child is Winnie the Pooh’s biggest fan, then they’ll absolutely love this illustration of Winnie the Pooh watering plants in honey jar-shaped planters.

Do you have a swimmer on your hands? This underwater-themed coloring page is the perfect mid-day or post-swim activity. 

Break out every shade of green crayon, marker, and colored pencil you have to color in the cute and animated turtle.

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