The Kardashians get called out for cutting lines at Disneyland and making other families wait

Earlier this week, Khloe Kardashian‘s daughter, True Thompson, celebrated her fourth birthday at Disneyland with her mom and the rest of the Kardashians. While it was no doubt a delightful (and adorable) experience for their family, other families at the park weren’t too thrilled about the Kardashians at Disneyland.

Mom Rachael Kevin shared a video to her TikTok account that showed the Kardashians skipping the line for one of the rides, but that they also appeared to make other guests wait even longer in line so the family could have the Mad Teacup ride to themselves.

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“When the Kardashians cut the line, get the ride to themselves, and make us common folk wait and watch them…typical,” Kevin wrote in the video.

In the video, you can clearly see that several of the teacups are empty, which is, understandably, frustrating to witness.

While some commenters pointed out that VIP guests jump lines all the time at Disney parks, and that guided tour guests are technically able to do what the Kardashians did, many others were quick to call out the Kardashians at Disneyland.

“Why is no one booing?” one commenter wrote.

“Disney should have dedicated days for just celebrities,” wrote another.

“See they don’t care about real people 😳😳 supposedly fans 😱,” said another.

The fact that PRINCESS DIANA didn’t even do this,” someone else wrote.

Kevin and her family eventually were able to ride the teacup ride, but it took about a half-hour before it was their turn due to the delay.

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Others pointed out that when Cardi B visited the theme park just two weeks ago, she didn’t prevent other guests from riding the rides at the same time—she just had her security team ride with her and her daughter, Kulture. (Ironically, it’s the same teacup ride.)

One commenter did take time to point out that famous people have every right to be extra protective of their kids while enjoying an experience all families should be able to enjoy.

“Sorry, but if I was famous and I had kids. I’ll also wouldn’t want anyone near my kids. People are crazy and famous ppl have been murdered for no reason,” they wrote.

This isn’t the first time the Kardashians have been called out by fans recently. Back in January, Khloe listed many used items from True’s closet for extremely high prices—even pricing some items higher than they would be if they were brand new.

Whether they’re fans or not, it seems like everyone pays attention to the Kardashians! Speaking of which, their new Hulu show premieres today, Thursday, on Hulu.

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