20 baby names that mean love for your little love bug

Baby names that mean love might possibly be the most special way you can honor your new arrival. After all, what the world needs now (and will always need) is love. Love is all we need. Shall I go on? In all seriousness, choosing a name for your baby is a wonderful part of the pregnancy process.

Whether you are looking for a unique baby name , a gender-neutral baby name or something with vintage flair , if love is a theme you’d like to explore for your new little girl or boy, we’ve rounded up a lovely list of our favorites.

These 20 baby names, inspired from all over the world, mean the greatest thing of all: love.


This name originated in India, and is derived from the Sanskrit word for “beloved.” Traditionally a name given to girls in India, in Hinduism, and in Hinduism is the name of Daksha, the creator god.


Meaning “much-loved” in French, this charming name is not often heard here in the United States. Maybe it’s time to bring it back? A top 100 name in France, according to Nameberry, amandine is also a French culinary term for a garnish of almonds.


Everyone knows John Lennon, of course, but did you know that Lennon means “lover” in Irish?


Latin for “loved”, Amias (or another spelling, Amyas) has a beautiful ring to it, and of course we love its meaning.


Mabel is a name of English origin that means “lovable”, and we love everything about its old-fashioned charm. This name is starting to make a comeback with families looking for vintage names.


Meaning “beloved”, Esmé comes Old French and can also be derived from the Spanish name, Esmeralda (another favorite). Traditionally seen as a masculine name, it’s now come to be used primarily for girls.


Derived from Hebrew, David is a Biblical name name meaning “beloved.” Perhaps you’ve heard the story of David and Goliath?


While you may not see too many babies named Amy these days, this lovely name means “beloved” in French and is really quite beautiful. Other French spellings include Amée or Aimée, if you want to give her some flair.


Suki is an adorable girl’s name of Japanese origin which means “loved one”. This precious name really says it all, doesn’t it?


Quite simply, Lev means “heart” in Hebrew. I like the one syllable sound of this name, unlike it’s counterpart, the popular Levi.


In Czech, Milena means “love, warmth and grace”. A popular name in Slavic countries and in Italy, I’d love to see more of it here, or it’s nickname, which is Mila.


Another Old Testament Biblical name, this one is a four syllable punch meaning “beloved of the Lord”. Similarly, this is great pick for lovers of the Old West.


Meaning “dear little one” in Italian, Carina is a pretty name. The only downfall is that it sounds quite similar to “Katrina”, which might make people think of a certain hurricane from a few years ago.


A common name in Wales that has been in use since the late nineteenth century, Carys means “love” in Welch.


In Spanish, Vida means “dearly loved” and “life” in Spanish—what a wonderful combination!


This mature and classic name of English origin, Fenmore means “dear love”. Chances are he’ll be the only Fenmore in his class, too.


Meaning “powerful and beloved” in Middle Eastern and African languages, this is the female variation of Aziz. In African mythology, the Azizi are a supernatural race of forest dwellers who give practical and spiritual advice.


In greek, Imogen means “beloved child”. This name is becoming increasingly popular, and we can see why.


An Irish name meaning “love and friendship”. We love this combination!


Meaning “loved” or “heir,” this name is of Scandinavian origin and can also be spelled Lief.

A version of this post was published May 27, 2021. It has been updated.

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