This mama’s message on becoming a mom of two will have you in your feelings

Becoming a mother for the first time is a sentimental and life-changing experience. But what about becoming a mom of two? Who prepares your heart—and your house—for that second child?

This mama gets it and shares her emotions in an Instagram post. Grab your tissues, mama. You’re gonna need them.

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“Being pregnant with a toddler summed up in one photo.
There is a sense of stillness in this picture but the reality is, this body, this space hasn’t felt true stillness in 20 months.

There is chaos and clutter now.
I feel everything stronger than before.
Things are louder.
The lights seem brighter.
Everything smells like maple syrup and ketchup.
The days are simultaneously longer and shorter.

Every day becoming Mom anew.

Most days,
I still feel postpartum.
I still feel like a brand new Mom.
I’m dodging toys and books on my 50th trip to the bathroom.
I’m so overstimulated, I cry.
I’m so overwhelmed with love and excitement, I cry.

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Maybe I’m more irritable because I’m always tired.
Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones.
Or maybe I’m just experiencing life through the lens of Motherhood.

But my time of being pregnant with a toddler is slowly coming to an end.
And soon I’ll be a Mom to a newborn and a toddler.
And once again, my lenses will need to be adjusted as I evolve into this new journey of Motherhood.

Just as they’ll need adjusting every day from here on out,
As my heart grows twofold.
And my hands are demanded twofold.
Every day becoming Mom anew.
His Mom.
Now Their Mom.”

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