New mama diaries: 4-month check-in

The love you feel for your baby is there from the beginning—and only grows as you settle into routine as a parent and get to know their unique personality. As parents to 4-month-old baby Sienna, mom Gabriella and dad Dijoun Farquharson say it’s incredible to watch her grow, learn and discover more on a daily basis.

Another nice part of life with a 4-month-old? The family has a bit more of a routine with feedings, playtime and bedtime.

“My breastfeeding journey is going great. Her feedings are pretty consistent throughout the day, probably eating every three hours,” says Gabriella. 

Although she mostly works from home, Gabriella occasionally goes into the office. To prepare for those days, she says she pumps to prepare bottles for the week.

“It’s nice to have that little bit of stock up,” she says, explaining the Dr. Brown’s Customflow™ Double Electric Pump is comfortable and convenient to use. For also appreciates the ease of the Dr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump for quickly expressing milk. 

The family also uses bottles at bedtime so that Dijoun gets that special bonding time with his daughter. Their typical night-time routine is that Gabriella breastfeeds baby Sienna a “snack” and then Dijoun takes over to put Sienna to bed by 8:30. 

Dijoun says that after Sienna goes to bed, there is still time for the parents to bond and reflect on the day. “We have our ‘us’ time,” he says. “We enjoy dinner together, maybe a movie or just sitting, talking and finishing out the day.”

As Gabriella adds, “At the end of every day, I just feel so thankful honestly.”

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