Why your next tech purchase should be refurbished

Refurbished electronics are good for the earth, your wallet and your peace of mind.

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Before you toss that old smartphone for the latest model or break the bank buying a new tablet for your five-year-old, consider this: nearly 54 million metric tonnes of e-waste was generated worldwide in 2019 alone and only 17 per cent of that was recycled. 

Want to help divert some of that e-waste? Shopping refurbished electronics is more eco-friendly as it extends the life of a product. And with programs out there like eBay Refurbished you’ll also be saving money and peace of mind by getting high-quality like-new products through a trusted experience. It’s a win-win-win! So beyond sustainability, here are three reasons why you should consider shopping eBay Refurbished for your next tech purchase.  

Buying refurbished saves you money

While the latest iPad Mini will set you back more than $650, you can score a refurbished model from eBay for under $350This is especially important for families. If you bought new devices for multiple children, it wouldn’t take long before you spent as much on tech as you would for a weekend getaway. Students doing online learning, or post-secondary students looking to save some cash can also benefit from buying like-new tech.

But buying like-new doesn’t mean not getting the latest and greatest. eBay Refurbished offers deep discounts on quality refurbished items from premium brands like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. Think in-demand makes and models of laptops, desktops, tablets, smartwatches and smartphones—these can all be found at up to 50 per cent less than buying new. Maybe with that extra money in your pocket you can consider a tech upgrade for yourself while you’re at it! 

Endless choices to suit your needs

eBay Refurbished offers four standardized condition grades, with each option clearly listing exactly what you’re getting.  

As the largest refurbished device marketplace in the world, eBay has been selling like-new products for nearly three decades. They have seen double-digit growth in the refurbished market in the last year alone, as Canadians think about their consumption habits, and deal with frustrations over product scarcity thanks to COVID-19. 

Certified Refurbished – Like-new, pristine condition, plus a two-year warranty.

Excellent – Like-new condition, plus a one-year warranty. 

Very Good – Minimal wear, including light scratches plus a one-year warranty.

Good – Moderate wear with more scratches and marks, plus a one-year warranty.

Having different categories gives you more choice to find the product that fits your specific needs and budgets. You may want to buy yourself a phone in pristine condition while buying your child their first (or maybe fifth) laptop with a few scratches on it. In the end, you both get the right product at the right price point to feel good about your purchase. 

Confidence in quality

When you shop with eBay Refurbished, you’re never sacrificing quality for savings.  All inventory is sourced directly from premium brands or top-rated sellers and is thoroughly vetted to meet eBay’s high performance standards. For added assurance,  products come with a warranty that often surpasses what’s offered by the original manufacturer, plus they come with eBay’s Money Back Guarantee and free returns. 

Buying non-new isn’t a gamble like it once may have been thanks to programs like eBay Refurbished, making it easier for those newbies to shopping like-new to finally take the plunge.  Savvy shoppers looking for quality refurbished tech can go to

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