19 relatable back-to-school memes that perfectly sum up the bittersweet return to routine

After three months of late bedtimes, summer sports, playing referee, and snacks, snacks, and even more snacks throughout the day, mamas everywhere are waiting for that blissful feeling that school drop-off brings. These internet parents are all too ready for that moment and it shows with these hilarious and relatable back-to-school memes from Instagram.

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The beginning of a new school year means shopping for school supplies, clothes, and shoes—because somehow everyone has grown out of everything? It can mean the return of early morning struggles— getting your kiddos dressed (or the horror of letting them dress themselves), brushing out tangles, and hoping they don’t miss their bus! But, it’s also a time when the silence returns to your home, you can hear yourself think again and you can finally tackle that long summer to-do list which is really a when-the-kids-are-back-in-school to-do list.

Laugh out loud with these funny and relatable back-to-school memes that show just how much other moms get it.

1. The morning struggle

2. That after-dropoff feeling

3. Brushing your child’s hair is an extreme sport

4. Does this count as an excused absence?

5. Then vs now

6. Sustainable gift giving

7. Little humans’ love language is never-ending stories

8. *Cue fast & furious driving skills*

9. Sometimes you do the things and sometimes you lay on the couch—both good choices

10. When you’re kid has homework, you have homework

11. Hello, parents— it’s me, germs

12. Here’s your reminder to go check!

13. There’s got to be a shirt for this, right?

14. The line between ‘wish you were here’ and ‘happy you’re not’

15. The magic of time

16. However they’re schooling this year…

17. The return of routine

18. Parental advice

19. If only it were this easy!

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