Mom explains how her FitBit prevented her from making mom friends in hilarious viral TikTok

This mom’s viral TikTok is the ultimate (and hilarious) lesson on not judging books by their covers, and you’ll see why in a moment. TikTok user and mom @Jenifursue shared an extremely entertaining story on her page recently, and it’s honestly one of the best stories about mom friends and a mishap you’ve probably heard in a long time.

She begins by explaining that the two moms she was sitting with at her kid’s soccer game were discussing their Apple watches and closing their rings—as you do. She said she interrupted the conversation with a hot tip she discovered on her own, not realizing she was about to get enlightened herself.

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“I said, ‘Oh I don’t ever really pay attention to those, because I realized how inconsistent they are with the FitBit on my ankle,'” she explains in the video. “So I go with that one, because it’s supposed to be more accurate.”

Apparently, these two moms had an epiphany the second @Jenifursue explained that the device around her ankle was, in fact, a FitBit. She explains that her FitBit was purple, so she asked the women what they thought it was.

“We thought it was an ankle monitor—everyone thinks it’s an ankle monitor,” they told her.

@Jenifursue says she assumed the other moms at these events didn’t talk to her because she has a lot of tattoos (which, for the record, is also not OK), but now she knows it’s because of something else entirely.

“It was because they thought I was on house arrest.”

While this is hands-down hilarious, it’s also a good time to ask a few things. Namely, have these women ever seen what an ankle monitor looks like? It surely doesn’t resemble a purple FitBit! Google, Law & Order: SVU, heck, even Matlock could probably give you a great idea of what a house arrest ankle monitor looks like—does no one watch TV?!

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Secondly, please don’t judge people based on absolute conjecture. Especially if you think the Department of Corrections in your area is passing out Barney the Dinosaur-colored ankle monitors for felons now. Here’s a better representation of what they look like in reality.

That wasn’t where the entire misunderstanding ended, however.

“Oh, and I found out later that one time when a cop showed up to the soccer field—it ended up that he was just there to watch his kid play—but all of the parents thought he was there for me,” she concludes the video. “So. Good times.”


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