Hilarious viral TikTok shows us all the ways to beat the summer heat in a muumuu

If you’ve ever spent ample time wondering what to wear when it’s so hot you feel like you’re melting from the inside out, you’ve probably considered a lot of things. But have you considered the muumuu? Before you laugh (don’t worry, you’ll be laughing plenty here in a minute), just know that by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be seeing the muumuu in a whole new light.

Madelynn Poulson, an actor, artist and amazing TikTok content creator, shares all of the muumuu secrets in her latest viral TikTok.

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“”It’s me, your Professor of Comfort. The Director of MuuMuu-ology,” she begins before spinning around in her own gorgeous orange floral number so we can all get the full effect.

She assures us that the muumuu is going to be the most “universal piece of clothing thatyou own.” And before you get skeptical about its appeal (specifically its sex appeal, which Poulson highlights brilliantly here), you just have to listen.

“Let me show you how to work it and how to rock it,” she says.

You can wear it as-is in all its comfort and breathability. You can, she perfectly demonstrates, even do Tae-Bo in it.

“Pants underneath, optional. Bra underneath, optional.” Because when it’s hot, who can even muster the energy to care about undergarments?

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She also shows us how we can tease our silhouette through the delightful airiness of the muumuu. Who can say what our bodies look like underneath…unless we want to show them? One second we look like we’re shapeless, then BAM, the next second, anyone can see we’re “thicker than a bowl of cold oatmeal.”

Poulson shows us how to wear a muumuu to brunch (“A pitcher of mimosas please”) and even to church! Despite the fact that this viral TikTok demonstration is meant to be absolutely hilarious (and oh my, is it ever), it’s also educational! I mean, there’s basically no limit to how you can dress up, dress down, cinch, twist, and pull a muumuu to make it the perfect piece of summer apparel. (Second only to a wireless bra, which Poulson perfectly explains here.)

Now if you want to do what the woman says and “get yourself a muu,” you can find some below!



This Caftan Dress is as airy, breezy, and comfortable as any muumuu while also being chic enough to wear anywhere.



The colors, the look, the feel—gorgeous! You can wear this as a beach cover-up or for a night on the town and be as comfortable as can be while looking fabulous.



This is the perfect dress for casual daily wear, a relaxed holiday, a date, or anywhere you want to go! Jazz it up with some chunky jewelry and a bangle or two, and you’ll be the envy of every coastal grandmother you know.



You’ll undoubtedly be beating the heat in this dress, while staying fashionable and cool at the same time. There are over 25 different prints to choose from—earth tones and bold colors, oh my!



Another dress with pockets, you love to see it! This dress is a linen-blend and comes in three different, solid shades. It’s the perfect dress for showcasing effortless style, and can be paired with a bold, chunky sandal or your favorite walking shoes!



This little number is GORGEOUS. It’s a classic beach style with bold, seasonal colors and you can wear it anywhere! Pair it with a floppy straw hat or an updo, either way you’re good to go. If this is considered a muumuu, let’s all just go ahead and become muumuu converts.

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