This high chair’s redesign was fueled by parent feedback–and it shows

As a commerce editor in the parenting space, I’m constantly grilling my colleagues, friends, and even strangers about the baby gear they can’t live without. Over the years, certain products pop up time and time again because they’re just that good. One that’s been the topic of many conversations? The Chair from Lalo–a stylish grow-with-me high chair that’s perfect for minimalist parents who don’t want an eyesore in their kitchen.

Perhaps you’re already in the Lalo chair fan club. (IYKYK) If you’re among the uninitiated, let me give you a quick run down.

First of all, it’s less like a standard high chair and more like a piece of modern furniture made with babies and toddlers in mind. Instead of loud colors and a bulky construction, The Chair is sleek and low-profile with a matte plastic seat and slender beechwood legs. And in a selection of soft neutral hues, it looks right at home with your dining table. It’s the kind of gear that you’re happy to have taking up long-term residence in your space–as opposed to cramming it in a closet whenever friends come by.

And it’s not just good looks that parents love. It gets high marks for safety (the five-point harness and wrap-around belly bar make it totally escape-proof) and arguably almost as important, ease of cleaning. The cushion is machine-washable and even without it, the chair itself is free from cracks, crevices and goo-catching crannies which are notoriously impossible to clean. The tray can be tossed into the dishwasher but is easy to wipe down between meals. It’s clear that every detail was designed by an actual parent. (Two dads, in fact!)

All that, and somehow it just got even better.

Lalo has launched an updated version that manages to improve on an already beloved product. How do you make something that’s already raved about even better? You listen to your customers. According to Michael Wieder, Co-Founder, President & CMO, the improvements are the result of almost two years of direct customer feedback. According to Wieder, “We consider our Lalo customers as part of our family, so we improved upon the first high chair with almost two years of DTC-driven feedback to ensure we were bringing a product to the market that would be the perfect addition to their families.”

So what’s new? Most notably, it’s jumped from a 2-in-1 design to a 3-in-1 design. Like its predecessor, it can transform into a toddler play chair, but now you can get even more mileage using it as a booster seat as well. A quick change of the legs and you’re all set. (Note those kits are sold separately.)

Motherly’s Hayli Craig was already self-professed as The Chair’s biggest fan but managed to fall even more in love due to an improved footrest. The arched design makes it easy for busy little legs to reach and can be flipped over to accommodate them as they grow.

Courtesy of Lalo

Other small changes that really add up: a tray that’s a touch bigger and easier to take on and off, beefier straps with an added support piece to keep them from slipping off little shoulders, tonal cushions to match the chair color and an even simpler assembly.

Feeling jealous because you already own the OG? No need! Each new part is compatible with the first version and can be purchased separately to add on–including the booster kit.

To quote Craig, “I didn’t think I could love Lalo or The Chair any more than I do, but they’ve proven me wrong.”

Check out the new and improved The Chair from Lalo below!

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Lalo The Chair



The high chair comes with all the necessary components (tray, cushion, belly bar, straps and footrest). For $40 more you can upgrade to the full kit which includes the play chair legs.

Age range: As a high chair four months to three years old, as a play chair, two years and beyond.

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