Dr Laura Markham Handles a Tantrum (role play!)

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Dr. Laura Markham Handles a Tantrum (Role Play!)

The Parenting Junkie and Dr Laura Markham of ahaparenting team up for a tantrum role play! In this video you’ll see an example of how a 3 year old tantrums and how to handle a 3 year old tantrum. Dr. Laura Markham is the author of Peaceful Parents Happy Kids and the founder of Aha Parenting. You’ll see how she handles a tantrum. After watching this video you’ll feel confident in handling a tantrum. You’ll learn how to handle a tantrum and the dreaded tantrum crying. This video is an example of 3 year old tantrum help and while shown indoors can also be helpful in how to handle a tantrum in public. If you’re looking for help with toddler tantrums or toddler tantrum help you’ve found a great resource in this video! Toddler tantrums can be overwhelming so it’s best to remain calm during toddler tantrums 2 year old and toddler tantrums 3 year old. You’ll get tantrum help and help with tantrums in this video. You’ll learn how to handle tantrums effectively and peacefully.

Are you as intimidated by tantrums as most of us are? Want to see me in a full blown melt down? Watch on, dear friend!


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For more peacefulparenting: “Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids” By Dr Laura Markham

Huge peace and hope you guys like this!
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