Watching ‘Santiago of the Seas’ with my kids is a fun learning opportunity for us all

With hot summer days upon us, some designated screen-time has become an important opportunity to wind down, snuggle up and learn about the world around us. And, this summer, no show has captivated my kids quite like Nickelodeon’s Santiago of the Seas. Not only is Santiago of the Seas one of the rare viewing options that all three of my kids agree on, but I even find myself enjoying each fun-filled episode along with them. 

Expanding my children’s view of the world is a particularly big priority for me as a mom. Through each episode of Santiago of the Seas, we learn about the rich history, language and values steeped into Latin-Caribbean culture. As a Latinx-written show, so much care and consideration goes into the portrayal of the characters and culture. That makes the representation authentic—while the storylines also catch my kids’ attention with tales about good pirates, magic and adventures.

From cultural lessons to examples of emotional intelligence, here is why I’m fully on board with Santiago of the Seas

We’re all inspired to work like a team

Ultimately, the real reason that Santiago and his crew are successful against villainous foes isn’t only because they can outsmart them. It’s because they are a united, caring team! For my three little crew members, lessons about teamwork, doing the right thing and having empathy for each other make a big impact in our daily lives. 

From seeing the way Santiago and his pals help each other out to how they cheer each other on, watching Santiago of the Seas has made my crew’s bond even stronger, too.

The cultural immersion teaches us all

I know there are so many benefits to learning another language, especially during formative childhood years. So I really appreciate how Spanish vocabulary words are woven into entertaining episodes of Santiago of the Seas. The language-immersion approach doesn’t break a scene to define a new word, but rather demonstrates the meaning through context—like calling friends “amigos.”

Of course, there is so much more to learning about another culture than just picking up the language. Featuring Latin-Caribbean customs and music, Santiago of the Seas paints a great picture of life on the islands.

My kids are inspired by examples of problem-solving

With three young children home with me during summer break, I can’t even count how many times I hear “Mom, I need help!” throughout the day. But, as brave pirate Santiago demonstrates throughout each episode, there is a solution to every problem—and figuring it out can be fun! 

Along with his crew mates, Tomás and Lorelai, Santiago shows what it looks like to be resourceful, patient and persistent. In his words, “A good pirate never gives up!” While my kids don’t face challenges quite on the same scale as protecting the treasures of Isla Encanto, they do learn relevant lessons about creative play, self-sufficiency and teamwork from the pirate crew.

Catch new episodes of Santiago of the Seas every Friday morning this July on Nickelodeon or stream it anytime on Paramount+.

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