Our Playroom Tour // 3 Play Zones Every Kid Needs

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Our Playroom Tour – 3 Play Zones Every Kid Needs

The Parenting Junkie will walk you through how to design a play space. You’ll get a playroom tour, more specifically a minimalist playroom tour. Throughout the minimalist inspired playroom tour you’ll see the 3 play zones kids need, including the messy zone, quiet zone, and play zone. You’ll see minimalist play space and minimalist inspired playspace. The minimalist playroom illustrates how kids are more likely to engage in independent play when there isn’t clutter from all the toys. Another way to describe this type of playspace is a simplicity play space or simplicity playroom. The messy zone includes the kids art room or kids craft room. It’s also set up in a way that it can serve as a toddler art room or toddler craft room. The playroom tour shows ways to store tiny toys so that it is safe to use as a toddler playroom and toddler play space as well. With the playspace being minimalist inspired, the minimalist toddler play space and minimalist toddler playroom show how toddlers too can engage in independent play. Play space design is an important aspect of designing any playroom, playspace, and play area for kids. It should have natural light where possible as well. In the quiet zone you can create a cozy space for kids. A nice quiet space for kids where they are able to wind down and read or relax. This can also serve as your cozy space for toddlers.

For links to toys and supplies featured in the movie go here:!3-Play-Zones-Every-Kid-Needs/c1rfl/5663959d0cf253336860a61a

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