Hilary Duff gives a shoutout to working parents who “have to leave their kids in times that don’t feel natural”

Hilary Duff‘s youngest daughter, Mae James Bair, 16 months, is sick with hand, foot and mouth disease.

The “How I Met Your Father” actress recently took to her Instagram stories with a heartfelt post that parents everywhere can relate to.

The mom of three, who shares daughters Mae and Banks Violet Bair, 3, with husband Mathew Koma and son Luca Cruz Comrie, 10, with ex-husband Mike Comrie, is known for posting relatable mom content on social media and this is no different.

In the short clips from her now deleted post, Hilary Duff is speaking straight in the camera when she announces that her baby girl is sick.

She said, “Well, Mae Mae has hand, foot, mouth and none of my other kids have ever had hand, foot, mouth, so I’ve never it seen before. That looks awful.”

Duff continues by expressing a universal feeling: mom guilt. She says she feels “weird” because she wants to be their by her daughter’s side but she can’t because she’s at work.

“I love my job so much but this is just a little shoutout to working parents who have to leave their kids in times that don’t feel natural,” she said. “And it kinda like goes against everything in their body to not be with them in times like that.” 

And while she says she’s “sitting here feeling sorry for myself,” she wants parents to know this: “You’re doing a good job, just like I know I’m doing a good job and working hard for my family.”

And, if you’re wondering what in the world hand, foot and mouth disease is, the Mayo Clinic defines it as, “a mild, contagious viral infection common in young children—is characterized by sores in the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet.”

While there is no specific treatment for this disease, the Mayo Clinic does say that frequently washing hands and keeping a distance from those infected might help the risk of infection.

Seeing your babies sick (or, really, seeing any sick baby), makes you instantly want to take their hurt away. So, to know that your child is sick and, yet, the world still turns and you still need to show up for work, well, that’s difficult to do for anyone—celebrities included!

Earlier this year, Hilary Duff also spoke to romper where she shared what parenthood means to her.

“My entire life’s mission is to be a good parent,” Duff said. “I feel like I can never give my kids enough of me.”

In the same interview, which took place at Duff’s house, Hilary Duff wins another relatable parent point. Because her house looks exactly like a house that has kids in it. With toys, sippy cups, a three-year-old playing make believe and a 10-month-old singing to herself, all spread out.

It’s a charming whirlwind that other parents can certainly relate to. And the best part is that the interview went on in the midst of all of that and more.

The fact that she is so open about her life and her parenting is something that wins her all the points in my book. She doesn’t pretend to be a perfect parent—or perfect anything for that matter.

“Does anybody nail this? Do you think any mom just crushes it every single evening?”

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